Surat to Maldives Tour Packages w/ Price & All Inclusive Itinerary

Surat to Maldives Tour Packages | Price for Couple & Itinerary

The Maldives is an archipelago of 1,190 coral islands in the Indian Ocean and is one of the best beach destinations to visit from Surat. It’s known as one of the most beautiful places on earth and it’s easy to see why. With its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, this tropical paradise will be sure to make your next getaway from Surat unforgettable.

There are many water sport activities to do in the Maldives such as diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, and much more. You can enjoy all these amazing activities without ever having to leave your resort!

Whether you want to relax by the private pool or take a romantic stroll along the beach at sunset, there will always be something in the Maldives for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Book your Surat to Maldives Tour Package with us today!

Why choose Maldives for Holiday from Surat?

Why choose Maldives for Holiday from Surat?
Why choose Maldives for Holiday from Surat? (courtesy: mohamedshamil)

The Maldives offers a unique vacation experience for travellers from Surat. The islands in this country are made up of small coral atolls and islets that lie in the Indian Ocean to the south east of India and Sri Lanka.

Each island has its own distinct character with their own culture, history and traditions. Most people who visit this tropical paradise come for the beaches but there’s so much more to do here than just sunbathing on white sand!

The Maldives also offer some of the world’s finest luxury resorts. Choose between 5-star resorts that offer everything including overwater bungalows, spa services, fine dining restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness centers, kids clubs, bars, etc.

Our Surat to Maldives Vacation Packages

Our Surat to Maldives Vacation Packages
Our Surat to Maldives Vacation Packages (courtesy: davidanderson)

We know the Maldives is a popular destination for tourists from Surat and we want you to have an amazing time there. But with work piling up, finding leisurely hours for planning and booking everything may seem like an impossible task! 

Don’t fret – all vacations should be relaxing. That’s why Maldives Voyage will make sure that when booking this trip everything goes as smoothly as possible. So don’t worry about anything except enjoying yourself on vacation from Surat- because who doesn’t love just letting go every now and then?

The perfect opportunity is right in front of you. Maldives Voyage has put together some great tips on how to plan your next trip without sacrificing your precious time! We will help you with everything right from must see islands around the country or diving destinations.

Why Book with Maldives Voyage?

Why Book with Maldives Voyage?
Why Book with Maldives Voyage? (courtesy: mohamedshamil)
  • You won’t find another deal to Maldives from Surat like this anywhere else!
  • Personalised holidays
  • We offer cheap flights to Maldives so you can save money while still having fun.
  • Our Surat to Maldives packages include accommodation, meals, transfers, activities and much more.
  • Your package includes airport transfers by seaplane or speedboat from many resorts.
  • There are no hidden charges.
  • Support at every step
  • Get more for your money
  • The only thing left to do after booking is relax and enjoy your holiday!

Maldives at a Glance

Maldives at a Glance
Maldives at a Glance (courtesy: hushaanfromtinyisles)

– The Perfect Vacation Destination from Surat

The Maldives is a tropical paradise with crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, swaying palm trees, and lush green vegetation. There are over 200 dive sites around the country including many shipwrecks.

Divers can also explore some of the best diving spots like Hulhule Island where you can see schools of giant trevallies or swim among sharks if you’re lucky enough to get close to them. You will find yourself surrounded by many varieties of fish and manta rays.

The Maldives are a tropical paradise that reaches heights of luxury with the high season running from December to March. You can enjoy warm weather, however the prices will be at peak during this time. It may be more difficult for your travel plans if traveling between May through October when there might be rain or monsoon conditions in some areas, but the price is the lowest from Surat during this time.

Maldives Resorts and Bungalows

Maldives Resorts and Bungalows
Maldives Resorts and Bungalows (courtesy: georgytrofimov)

Almost every resort in the Maldives is located on their own private island with its own beautiful beaches, white sand, and crystal clear water. Many luxury resorts offer overwater bungalows for their guests- they provide an experience unlike any other. Overwater bungalows in the Maldives are perfect vacation homes. They offer privacy, luxury, and relaxation.

Before choosing a Maldives resort, make sure you know exactly what your expectations are. For many people, a Maldives resort is an experience of a lifetime and it’s easy to be disappointed if you feel like the trip didn’t live up to your expectations.

These unique properties are located on private islands in the Indian Ocean and each has its own unique features including:

  • You can wake up to the sound of waves crashing against your villa.
  • Swim in a private lagoon and enjoy the sunsets from your own deck.
  • Experience an unforgettable honeymoon or family vacation.
  • Feel like you’re living on top of the water with every step you take.

If you are looking for a relaxing getaway, then you should consider booking in one of these amazing properties. There are many popular resorts with overwater bungalows near Male, where you can stay at one of them during your next vacation.

Things to do in the Maldives

Things to do in the Maldives
Things to do in the Maldives (courtesy: soekarnoomar)

The Maldives are known for their beautiful blue waters and there are plenty of things to do that will keep you occupied. Whether it’s scuba diving or just relaxing on the beach, your time here is sure to be unforgettable!

The Maldives is an excellent place if you like warm weather and beautiful beaches. Come explore this exotic destination with Maldives Voyage as we go over all the fun things you can do while visiting this gorgeous country!

Swim with whale sharks: The Maldives offers some of the best opportunities for swimming with whale sharks. This experience is not for everyone but those who do try it, say it’s life changing.

Go fishing: Fishing is very popular in the Maldives. There are several types of fish that can be caught such as tuna, barracuda, grouper, and more.

Snorkel with manta rays: Manta Rays are large fish that feed on plankton and are often seen around reefs and they love to feed close to shore. A great way to spot them is by snorkeling along the coast. Check out this guide on Manta Rays in the Maldives. Diving with sea turtles is another popular activity in the Maldives.

Explore the coral reef: There are so many different types of coral reefs in the Maldives. Some of the most famous ones include the Hulhumale Atoll and Lhaviyani Atoll.

For the perfect vacation spot, one that offers relaxation and luxury without sacrificing comfort or convenience then look no further than Maldives Voyage. Our handpicked resorts offer some of the most beautiful views in the world with uninterrupted ocean views from their rooms and restaurants as well as picturesque sunsets every night.

With our all inclusive Maldives packages from Surat available on top of this, your trip will be worry free and relaxing to say the least! To learn more about these gorgeous islands contact us today. We can help book your next amazing Maldives Holiday so you can experience paradise first hand!